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PHT Spring Meeting Travel Awards Available

January 9, 2012

UPDATE: The deadline for the Spring Meeting Travel Awards has been extended until Monday, February 13, 2012.

The Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Division is pleased to announce that we will award stipends of up to $1,000 for the PHT Spring Meeting (in Baltimore) to qualified students as well as to current PHT Division members based on need.

Qualifications and application instructions included below. Please note the deadline is Jan. 30, 2012. If you are affiliated with a library science program, please feel free to share this announcement with students. Also, the Spring Meeting agenda, fee schedule and registration is available online–Click here to view.

SLA PHTD Spring Meeting Travel Awards

January 30, 2012 Deadline

SLA Pharmaceutical & Health Technology (PHT) Meeting
March 18-20, 2012    Baltimore, MD

The Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Division will award stipends of up to $1,000 for the PHT Spring Meeting.  This award will be paid up front to the selected recipient(s).

Entry Requirements:

For consideration of the PHT Travel Award, the applicant must be at least one of the following:

Students enrolled in a library science program and who express an interest in pursuing a career in corporate librarianship in the Pharmaceutical or Health Technology Industries
Current professional PHT Division Members who are in need of travel assistance to attend the PHT Spring Meeting

Time Line:

·         Qualified applicants must submit all requirements by: January 30, 2012
·         Notifications for all applicants will be sent by: February 8, 2012

Submission Contact:

Please submit your application by January 30, 2012, to Rochelle L. Stern, MLIS

All PHT Travel Awards are to be coordinated by the Student Relations Chair, and judged by the SLA PHT Board.  For any additional questions or comments please contact Rochelle Stern, PHT Student Relations Chair (

Submission Requirements:

1. Cover Page with Name & Contact Information
2. Updated Resume
3. Two Paragraphs (3-5 sentences each) on:

·         Why I want to go to the SLA PHTD Spring Conference” (Everyone)
·         “Why am I interested in the PHT Division?” (Students only)

4. Short Answer Essay (1-2 pages) – Pick one of the topics on the next page (see Short Answer Essay Topics) OR submit a similar piece of scholarly work

Tips for Short Answer Essay:

Be sure to demonstrate creative applications of technology, awareness of available resources, and in-depth analysis of current issues
List all applicable references,  sources, and analytical processes
Be creative – teach us something we may not know
Make a scholarly impression – use and list resources and your search criteria or processes to research and write the essay

Short Answer Essay Topics (select one):

Future Forecasting

  • Describe a future vision for corporate information profession.  What are the three core competencies for today’s corporate medical information professional in order to be future ready?  What three things should professional associations be doing to promote the need for corporate medical information professionals?
  • What is the “killer app” that will displace libraries and /or librarians?  What is the “killer app” that libraries / librarians should embrace to ensure long-term success?  Describe each and why these are important.

 Arguing the Value of Current and Future Librarianship   

  • Situation:  You have encountered a conversation around the common corporate meeting area that proclaims information on the Internet alone provides all sufficient information on the latest research on Alzheimer’s drug therapy. As an information professional, you have an obligation to defend the competencies of the librarian, along with professional resources.  Develop a convincing, but diplomatic, argument defending the thesis that the Internet alone is not enough, and would garner support for value-added corporate librarian services.
  • Thesis:  Information technology such as streaming and downloadable audio, video, and digital book technology, will displace the librarian.  Defend this thesis and develop solutions or approaches for information professionals to work with these resources in order to complement value of emerging technologies.


  • With the rapid development of software and information technology, free tools such as mashups, RSS Feeds, and Google tools, are increasingly prevalent.  Summarize all the free resources that can be leveraged by medical information professionals who are a) in a corporate library or are b) independent information professionals and identify the three “must haves” for each group.
  • With the vast numbers of online health consumer information, the barrier of waiting for health information from a doctor has reduced; however, access to inaccurate, outdated, and irresponsible health information has increased. Research an instance where a health consumer(s) or a health professional(s) experienced this situation.  Define how an informational professional would be able to intervene, and what kinds of programs and/or resources could be developed to impart credible health information to consumers, or to consumers via health professionals.

Business of Health/Medical Library

  • What is the pathway for entry into the medical information profession? Interview PHT members or summarize sufficient attributes of three or more medical/health librarians.  Make conclusions as to whether there is a typical trend pathway to the typical positions in the corporate medical world.
  • Research life science corporations with medical information job postings in the past 2 years.   What are the core competencies wanted for entry level / mid-level / veteran-level positions?  What are the implications for information professionals in each of these three levels?
  • Based on a listing of companies with known information professionals (contact for the listing), compare and contrast the performance (stock market, percent revenue/profit growth, hiring trends) of these companies and those in the same sector without existing information professionals.
  • Summarize library literature on success in the corporate library.  How has it changed in the last twenty years?  What are the keys to success today?
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