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Biopharma:  Short-term reductions in research librarians result in long-term organizational impact

September 28, 2011

Life science companies’ decisions to reduce research librarians are “penny wise, pound foolish” – impacting the bottom line through inefficient research, longer cycle times, and more obstacles to FDA approval.

The Pharmaceutical & Health Technology (PHT) Division of SLA is pleased to announce the recent publication of a guest commentary in Bio-IT World (Sept-Oct 2011) written by Division members. The commentary reviews recent trends in eliminating research librarians and describes the negative impact to life sciences corporations, both as a result of the lack of the human resources and as a result of the increased dependence on free resources.   The impact of these resource changes is especially acute in life science companies, for whom getting faster FDA approval is critical, and for whom unanticipated surprises such as product deficiencies, unanticipated interactions, and FDA warning letters can negatively impact or cripple business.

For the full text of this article, entitled “Reevaluating the Role of the Research Librarian”, go to:


For more information about this topic, please contact Alexander Feng, PHT Division Chair via email: ahf25du (at) gmail (dot) com

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