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Ebooks and “the physical book is dead”…

August 24, 2010

On the heels of Nicholas Negroponte’s prediction earlier this month that the physicial book will be dead in 5 years and Seth Godin’s proclamation that he’s published his last book in a traditional way, today’s news cycle brings an update that impacts books and us as librarians.  Specifically it’s on the eReader wars, specifically that it looks like the Kindle has won.

More than that, it includes a post from bookseller, J.A. Konrath – that all the complaints against ebooks – that real books are pretty and smell nice and that ebooks hurt your eyes – are pretty much false. Generally the people complaining about these issues probably aren’t buying many books anyway. There are estimates that 10% of book sales will be ebooks in the next year and it will only get worse for the paper and glue crowd.

So what does this mean for our libraries, and specifically the print collections we’re holding on to?

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