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SCIP officially changes its name

August 11, 2010

For those of you who missed it, on July 8th, the SCIP board of Directors voted to change SCIP’s name to “Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals.”  The benefits for the name change were:

• Support a focus on strategic decisions, one of the organization’s principal
• Include individuals who both work with and are customers of intelligence
• Increase the connection of senior decision makers with the competitive
intelligence effort.
• Emphasize both the tactical and strategic orientation of our members.
• Create a unique value proposition by combining strategic and competitive
• Maintain the SCIP acronym to preserve our 25 years of brand development

It’s also worth noting some of the comments supporting the change from members:

Great idea – see my title for proof! This should also further help us to clarify where we sit, i.e. closer to Strategy than to Market Research. [Author is Senior Manager, Strategic & Competitive Intelligence.] (Member from Australia)

In Corporate America my responsibilities included Systems Analysis, Operations Research, Market Research, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Competitive/Counter Intelligence, and Customer Satisfaction. We needed to know where the industry and competition were going, what the customer wanted including what constituted their product/service satisfaction and what my management needs were. These many assignments recognized that awareness of management’s strategic and tactical goals plus knowledge about our competition and customer were essential for my success. (Member from United States)

It is time for SCIP to move forward and to be positioned in the place of intelligence and strategy in order to give a real value to the decision making process. SCIP (through CI professionals) has to put itself where significant decisions are taken and not to be associated with less important developments. This change can upgrade SCIP and make it a different organization while its members are operating in the core of the business arena. (Member from Israel)

This change comes in a very good time. I believe that CI must be attached with Strategy from its birth. And that’s due to the great benefit the strategic process can take from CI analysis, tools and insights. Perfect match! (Member from Brazil)

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