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Reports from SLA Annual Conference

June 18, 2010

Slide presentations, meeting minutes, pictures, and write-ups from the SLA conference and specifically PHT-related sessions will be up soon on the Division website and here on the blog, but in the meantime, here are some bullet points that summarize PHT-interest items for grist:

  • The leadership meetings and the annual business meeting each were tinged with the financial situation of SLA.  More will certainly come through in due time, but in short – dues are down, conference monies and vendor support are both down (which fund a large % of SLA activities), and below the revised projections.  SLA staff can’t be realistically cut any more, so “everything is on the table.”  Have ideas for how to increase revenue or cut costs?  SLA is looking for them – feel free to email your leadership.
  • PHT Award winners were:  James Schroeder (Travel Award), Patrice Costa (Horizon), and Bob Kowalski / Robyn Smith / Praveena Raman (Horizon)
  • The approved PHT Strategic Plan has now been posted to the PHT website (thanks Paul Ziegler!).
  • We are in process of deciding on the location for next year’s spring meeting.  The final round of locations are San Juan, Austin, Manhattan, Atlantic City, and Florida.  Concerns or thoughts?  Let us know!
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