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SCIP name change

June 8, 2010

For those who have an interest in the CI space:

On Thursday May 20, 2009, the SCIP Board of Directors met to continue the process of developing a strategic plan to grow SCIP. One critical element of their discussion was whether or not to change the Society’s name. The name change consideration supports two goals of the organization:

    • Expand the SCIP membership in both depth and breadth to increase the impact and exposure of competitive intelligence (CI) membership, and to expand the sponsorship opportunities and attendance at our events on a global basis.
    • Develop a wider membership community to include CI clients as well as CI practitioners.

The SCIP Board has proposed changing the organization’s name:

From: Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
To: Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals

The full post, including the reasons for the change, pros and cons, are on the SCIP blog:

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  1. John Chu permalink
    June 8, 2010 8:54 pm

    Thank you Alex!

    I can’t help but compare what SCIP is trying to do with what SLA was trying to do earlier this year. Not chaning the acronym is logial and brilliant. Targeting CI clients for inclusion as members is also an outstding move. My guess is that with the name change, SCIP will draw even more current SLA members away or propel dual membership. I will be watching this development caredully. I hope the SLA Board will learn and emulate from SCIP.

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