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Another Handy Tool: Google Goggles & On-The-Fly Translation

May 6, 2010

Thus far, Google Goggles has been a bit of a “gee-whiz-how-does-it-help-me” kind of application for the workplace. (It allows those with a camera-enabled smartphone to search the web via pictures – point and shoot and Google executes a search.  Helpful for figuring out what that building is five blocks away, if that really is Matthew Mcconaughey, and doing search to see if that product is really cheaper on the web.  Or for scanning QR codes, as you might have seen on the Android print ads…)

While neat in concept, it’s been generally consumer and social-focused and not too groundbreaking.  This week Google took a nice step towards making it more useful, as one can now take a picture of text in a photo and translate it on the fly.

More analysis here (from Mashable)

So it’s one more thing to add to the toolbox (which includes Chrome, right? – which, by the way, is the fastest growing browser for the fifth month in a row)

Of course, for Goggles, you’ll need to have an Android-enabled phone….

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