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SLA Leadership Summit, Day One

January 29, 2010

High level bullet points from Day One of the Leadership Summit:

  • “SLA’s strategy for 2010 is to develop the tools you need to demonstrate your value in the workplace” (Janice Lachance)
  • There will be a virtual conference component to the 2010 SLA Annual Meeting.  Details still being ironed out, but word is that a few asynchronous sessions will be available.
  • Did you know that the money spent by SLA on each member is $571.43?  Don’t forget about all the membership benefits of SLA (and there are many!).  These include chapter/division benefits, career center, Click U webinars, free ExecUBooks, and career coaching – and many, many more.  (Expect to hear more from your leadership throughout the year on this)
  • One of the things to help Information Outlook improve is the Information Outlook Advisory Council.  Results from the IO survey will be released later, but in the meantime, they are looking for any / all comments.  Specifically, they’re looking for thoughts on the upcoming April/May issue on “social networking.”  Contribute your comments here.
  • Anne Caputo, President of SLA this year, presented her vision for SLA for the year.  Partial slides available here.
  • Next steps on the Alignment Project:
    • [Seek input on and] Adopt new mission/vision/core values statements for SLA
    • Continue “Actions You Can Take Now” series
    • Create a Uniform Visual Identity and Common Language Guidelines
    • Create Common Templates for Use by SLA Units (branding)
    • Task force created by Anne (headed by Mary Ellen Bates) to create a toolkit out of the Alignment Project – tools you can use at your workplace.

Oh, and feel free to follow the Twitter feed at

Questions/Thoughts?  Feel free to use the comments section here or contact the PHT Board members!

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