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Leadership Summit, Day Two Notes

January 29, 2010

Some bullet points from Day Two of the SLA Leadership Summit:

  • SLA’s CEO, Janice Lachance, agreed to a new 5 year contract.
  • In addition to the task force created to release an Alignment toolkit, another task force was also formed to look at structural changes to revenue models, so that SLA can be more self-sustaining in the future.
  • Part of the financial actions is because last year, SLA took a 20% reduction in revenue.  While no programs or services were cut, budgets were trimmed and SLA lost 25% of staff.  This year, the revenue projections are “a lot more conservative” and the Board of Directors is comfortable that we will be able to hit those projections this year.
  • A question came up – can we see more of the research around Alignment that was conducted?  According to Janice Lachance, all of the research and backup data is out on the website, so that is available for review.  The next step is to create the Alignment toolbox, the efforts of which are ongoing.
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