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Google updates: Crawling the “deep web,” search personalization, and synonyms

January 19, 2010

There are many definitions of the “Deep Web”;  a limited definition is the data that is available freely, but requires filling out of a form or query.

Under that definition, today’s news brought up a brief article in Australian IT about some of the efforts Google is putting together to help index this kind of information.  Certainly this would be a big advance in a lot of areas, including governmental data, which is often hidden behind old forms and/or technological interfaces (MAUDE comes to mind).

Full article is here.

Speaking of Google-y items, Google also recently released a YouTube video describing how it personalizes search results.  It’s a quick view and good to know in the back of your head as you use Google, such as in searches requiring disambiguation or why your results may seem skewed and how to disable use of web history.

Find the YouTube video here.

And here’s another Google blog post about changing how it handles synonyms and how to turn off synonyms in searches

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