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New Tools for a New Year

January 7, 2010

If you’re looking for a resolution or a new idea for the new year, how about taking some time to investigate or even revisit some of the Web 2.0 tools which are available?

Maybe you never had time to fully investigate – or even if you’ve already looked at some, functionality may have changed or you may not have known exactly how to best use them. With the end of each year, the writers at TechCrunch revisit the most useful tools;  listed below are some of their “best of” and recommendation articles – not just “hey, this is a new thingy”, but “This is a tool I can’t live without and here’s why” – testimonials to challenge us to revisit items previously dismissed.

As an example, I’ve recently rediscovered Evernote as extremely useful –  for a variety of things:  keeping tabs of news articles I used to keep in a pile / folder “for future reference,”  replacing the old conference notebooks, preserving those scraps of paper / post-its which I scribbled short notes on (and sometimes misplaced) – and now that I have a Mac for work, a PC at home, and a mobile device in between, for synchronizing important things between platforms (even search strategies).

But enough of the first person babble.  Here are some “best of” and “recommendation” links you might want to skim – and best of all, it doesn’t take that long, so it’s one resolution we can all check off.  Here’s to a good 2010!

Also – which are the 2.0 tools that you can’t live without and why?

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