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2 Changes to How Google Delivers News

December 2, 2009

For those who didn’t catch it yesterday, the next 2 steps in the current Google-News Corp (and other publishers) saga:

The first is that the Google “First Click Free” program is now more like “First Click Free… up to 5” – the way it used to work is that Google would crawl the content of the news item, then let you click through to the actual news item, obviating the need for a subscription unless you wanted to click anywhere else on the site.  “The new change will limit you to five pages per day before you must register, regardless of how you get to the website.”

The second change is to how Google indexes pages.  From Mashable:  “Publishers now have the option to tell Google’s spiders to only crawl and index the “preview pages.” This refers to pages that display the first few paragraphs of an article on subscription sites like in order to entice them to pay for a subscription. If a publisher chooses to have spiders crawl their articles in this manner, they will be labeled with ‘subscription’ within Google News.”

Full story here.

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