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The Make or Buy Decision in a period of financial crisis

September 28, 2009

This month’s Searcher magazine, in their continuing series “Survival Lessons for Libraries”, has a good article for corporate librarians by Pearlstein and Matarazzo specifically discussing the “make” or “buy” decision as it relates to Information services – in this case, “make” = in-house staffing / services and “buy” = outsourcing / capability sourcing.

Certainly a topic always of interest, but especially so in times of economic crisis and change.  It includes a case study of how one can be proactive organizationally in addressing this issue.

Searcher; Sep2009, Vol. 17 Issue 8, p32-39, 8p;  abstract below.

The article provides insights to library managers in the U.S. on make or buy decisions which, in the author’s view, can help them overcome the impact of the financial crises. It offers information on the study “Make or Buy: A Consideration of the Problems Fundamental to a Decision Whether to Manufacture or Buy Materials, Accessory Equipment, Fabricating Parts, and Supplies,” by James W. Culliton. Library managers are advised to be ready in participating in any make or buy decision processes in their organizations.

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