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Speculations on Web 3.0

September 21, 2009

Thinking about the future should be more than an academic exercise as the field of information is changing so rapidly – it should impact what we do and how we position ourselves going forward.   Right, wrong, or indifferent, these anticipations of the future can give us thought as far as where things might go – so that we’re better prepared.  So it’s worth a brain cell or two when daring speculations are put forth.

Here is a view of search from AltSearchEngines proposing that the future of search is convergence – towards an ‘Ultimate Decision Engine’, or the Web 3.0 era. 

I personally can’t say I’m 100% in agreement – just as there are specific segment-focused shopping stores (Best Buy, Autozone), there will still be a need for subject-specific search with greater precision.  However, I do agree that there will be a significant bit of convergence where a few engines (the Walmart of search, if you will) can provide the acceptable content for 80% of topics and that the 80% coverage will continue to expand and improve.

Of course the meaningful question is – if this is the case, how does that impact what we do?

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