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NLM’s Rapid Research Notes

August 26, 2009

Another recent announcement from NCBI, the National Center for Biotechnology Information: Rapid Research Notes will provide “provides permanent access to research shared through online forums designed for immediate communication.”

With the onslaught of literature that falls somewhere between peer review articles and blog posts, Rapid Research Notes could prove to be a useful database and/or repository for non-peer review / quasi-article ‘literature.’ The initial entries, and topic which originally prompted the development of Rapid Research Notes, are on H1N1 influenza. All citations are from PLoS Influenza, a collaboration between open access publisher PLoS and Google available through Knol, the Google counter to Wikipedia.

For additional information on the origin of the project and how NCBI, Google and PLoS are collaborating see Harold Varmus’s comments on the PLoS Blog for additional information on the project.

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