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Proposed New Division (petition) and A New Name for SLA

June 26, 2009

<also posted on the PHT mailing list>

At the SLA Annual Conference, the SLA members interested in creating a new SLA Taxonomy Division gained approval to circulate a petition to identify members for the proposed division, which will focus on ways
to organize and structure information so that content is accessible and useful.

The proposed Taxonomy Division would offer a practical context for exploring issues and sharing experiences related to planning, creating, maintaining and using taxonomies, thesauri, authority files, and other controlled vocabularies and information structures.

To learn more or to sign the petition agreeing to join this new division, go to

You must be a current SLA member to sign the petition.

Contact Margie Hlava ( or Janice Keeler ( for more information or to volunteer to help get this division started.


If you were at the Annual Conference (and even if you weren’t), you have heard on the alignment research project that SLA has been working on for a few years now.

One thing that was announced at the conference related to the project is that the name of the association is scoring low points in terms of acceptance and recognition. So, the discussion about a potential name change is starting again. You are invited to participate.

On Twitter, you can use the hashtag #slaname. If you think 140 characters is not enough, you can also use a wiki set up especially for that purpose at (new link)

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