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SLA DPHT Business Meeting, June 16

June 17, 2009

Just some highlights from the meeting for those of you unable to attend.

The Division is financially healthy – the Spring Meeting was “profitable”, Annual was not (which is typical); the bottom line is good.  Bob will be stepping down as Treasurer at the close of the year (thanks for your work Bob!), but will continue to assist the Division by helping to set up a Division wiki. 

Judy Blaine, Alex Feng and Stephen Abram all made mention of the SLA Alignment Project; we were fortunate to have Stephen present as he was able to provide more details about the project.  In the first phase, outside consultants facilitated over 20,000 conversations with executives, academic deans and others to develop a better understanding of what the perceptions are of information generally and the value that information professionals and librarians bring to their organizations.  Much more information about this process can be found in the Interim results presentation that was given at the Spring Meeting: .   The next step, currently underway, is to develop tools for SLA members that will assist us in conveying the value of our services to senior management in terms that management understand.  These tools will be available on the SLA website.

Alex Feng gave a few tidbits from the DPHT survey results. Some results were not surprising, such as that a large portion of our Division’s membership is base in the Northeast.  Other were more surprising, such as the response to whether the respondent had completed the 23 things; 30% responded “23 what?” while 24% have completed the program (if you are in the 30%, check out “23 Things” under Useful Resources at  Takeaway – there needs to be a focus is programming on technology and how to appropriately use it within our organization.   If you have not submitted a survey yet, it is still open but you will need to act fast – it closes Fri June 19.  Incentive to reply: if we get 250 response, Margaret will perform some trapeze tricks for us at Spring Meeting! 

Wendy Hamilton announced the new board members: Barbara Wetzel as Treasurer and Chair-Elect Kevin Farberow, VP of Global Sales at Medical Intelligence Solutions.  Note that Kevin and Barbra will not assume their new positions until Jan 2010.  Alex introduced the recipients of the Travel Awards, Caitlin Sticco who reviewed ItRunsInMyFamily, a family history online service and Nathanial King who submitted a guide for pharmacy resources.  View their winning projects here:   Christine Geluk announced 3 other award winners: Horizon Award winner Heather Blaine (who unfortunately couldn’t make the meeting) and Distinguished Membership Awards for Sue Gleckner and Wendy Hamilton (who received their awards to thunderous applause.)

Chair-Elect Margaret Basket and Planner Patrice Costa announced that the Spring Meeting in 2010 will be held April 10-12 at the Sofitel in Philadelphia.  They were also happy to announce that they have secured 2004 room rates of $159 per night.  The program is beginning to take shape and there will be a focus on products and tools with the aim of providing attendees with practical and applicable information.  Robyn Smith & Kevin will be planning on Annual in New Orleans.

A final note: though we missed many who were not able to attend Annual this year, overall it was the best attended Annual in the last 4 years.

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