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Changes in Planning Schedules for PHT Meetings

June 16, 2009

(An administrative item from the executive board)

In past years, PHT leadership (specifically the chair positions) have had an odd sort of schedule wherein the person who is announced as chair elect for the following year essentially needed to get to work six months before they were elected.  In the recent days, we’ve gone ahead and made changes so that it’s no longer the case, while preserving the intended workflow to ease the transition into the chair role.

Since I’m sure that is a little confusing, let me try to explain with the help of a few graphics.

First, let’s look at how things were – the “previous state,” if you will.  We’ll follow the hypothetical election of Anthony starting in 2012 (look at the pink path).


As you’ll see in the graphic here, once Anthony is elected in 2012, he already has missed the first planning meeting for the Annual Conference he is responsible for (2013), and his final program is due within a month of his election.  Not exactly a good situation, considering he’s not even “Chair-Elect” until 2013.

For the long term, we’ve changed that responsibility, so that instead, if Anthony is elected in 2012, he is instead responsible for the Annual Conference in 2014, not 2013.  As a result he can have more time to plan (a whole year more time), which will include time to shadow the planners during his/her Chair-elect year. 


For the division, this also means that we can have better thought out Annual Conference meetings, as there is more time to plan thoughtfully.

The next question which will come up is – how will the transition be handled?  Well, thanks to the kindness of Margaret, our current Chair-elect, we’ll do it this year, and Margaret will wind up planning two sets of meetings during her tenure as Chair-elect through past Chair:


Hopefully this clears it up… Any questions?

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