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More Search News – Microsoft Bing (was:Kumo), Google Wave

May 29, 2009

The list of search resources gets more and more interesting by the day, it seems!

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled their newest search engine attempt, Microsoft Bing (formerly named Kumo).  While it’s still not available to the public, it should start redirecting results from Live Search starting June 1 and transition over in June 3.  And if you haven’t already heard about it, you will, as Microsoft is spending a reported $80MM-$100MM on advertising for Bing.

Both C|Net and Wired already have their first reviews up of Bing, and while the search depth is on par, one of the main benefits is, perhaps, a better user experience – as it utilizes faceted navigation as well as listing related searches.  (for those of you at the PHT Spring CE course, remember that faceted navigation alone can help transform “search” to “browse”)

It also seems to have a better user experience as far as interweaving with other Microsoft sites, such as Farecast.

Click here for links to the Wired and C|Net reviews.

Don’t forget about DeepDyve, launched as a beta, promising to deliver “fast, easy access to the vast amounts of expert information hidden in the Deep Web,” focusing (for now) on Medical and Life Sciences.

There has also been a bunch of buzz around Google Wave.  Enough so that you might not realize that it’s not available yet. (later this year)

Anyhow, it’s a “real-time communication platform” integrating your mail, IM, and iGoogle widgets into one site.  Likely not so relevant for us generally as corporate librarians, but if you have Gmail or use Gtalk, perhaps there might be a utility… see here for the Mashable Complete Guide to Google Wave.

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